Mental Health Nourishment

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Mental Health Nourishment

Mental Health Nourishment


I believe reaching a healthy mental state is essential for anyone who wants to thrive and succeed in life.

I think, that for the longest time, we were not allowed to talk about what was really going on with us for fear of looking unstable. This barrier was literally making us fall apart. The fact was that we were often stigmatized in school or the workplace or among connections, if we seemed to be ‘losing it’. This fact was wrong in itself. Then, we needed to run our daily lives with less sleep, little time to exercise and without being able to put the right foods and nutrients into our bodies.

So many elements constitute a healthy mental state. In fact, the combination of a variety of self-care initiatives, thoughts, beliefs and actions contribute to our overall mental state.

What this is About

The very elements that we can adopt for ourselves is what my site is about. Mental health and the components that should be embraced for a healthy state of mind is my field of inquiry. I need to discover what thoughts and perspectives cause the awakening of the mind. I am on a journey to find out what activities, thoughts and rituals help. While I am an amateur and have no training in mental health, I am on a mission. My mission is to get as much information as I can and unpack all the facts. Then, I hope to piece all of that information together into bite-sized, easily digestible posts so you can learn something new too.

I want to discover how all these facets influence mental health or the brain or even moods. This is my journey of learning based on as much research as possible and I want to share this with you. You might even find tips, tools and resources to help you navigate through and discover the thinking on this subject.

Prepare for the Journey

Note: Nothing on this site is going to replace real mental health professionals and their advice. We need to access resources that help us with our mental health and our brain’s well-being. Talking to professionals and getting help and guidance from reliable medical sources and mental health professionals should be the number one way to go. Nothing on this site is going to replace that kind of help and advice. Please seek professional help if you need it.

With my very specific disclaimer, in the paragraph above, out of the way, I look forward to my journey with you. So let’s dive in.

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Nourishment for mental health
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